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The Reencounter

A historical romance, the Reencounter takes place in the Venetian Empire of the late Renaissance. Mikhaela is planning her future together with her lifelong partner, Elias, when she falls in love with Alessio, a young officer appointed for temporary work in her city. Soon she has to make an important choice in her life: To follow her heart and start an adventure into an unknown and promising world or to remain in the safety of a mediocre present? Beginning a search into her inner world she discovers her true nature, her other half, her wishes and her forgotten dreams, all of them pointing her to a single direction: The direction that her logic wants to avoid. This book sheds light on the most difficult choices in life: The choices where the heart and the mind disagree.

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The story is held in Monemvasia, Greece of the 17th century, during the Venetian ruling of 1690-1715. It is inspired from a true story, however the most important part is the meanings that come through the story and not the story itself. Hope you enjoy!

Part I: The early years

Mikhaela, a young girl in her twenties, lives in the end of the 17th century in the fortress of Malvasia. This fortress, known now as Monemvasia, is flourishing for the second time in its history after the Ottomans lose possession of the land over the Venetians who are evolving as rulers of the Mediterranean sea of that time. In her encounter with Alessio, a young Venetian man, she encounters love and an open door to spiritual growth.

Above and behind the story lie her thoughts, thoughts that strived to be kept hidden, but were stolen from her, as she was silently speaking them loud. Thoughts and feelings that many human beings encounter even now, more than three centuries after the story, and try, just as Mikhaela tried, to suppress them. But ultimately the path is only one and suppression can only be temporary. A volcano will always explode, even if this takes centuries to happen. Ultimately fire is a force of nature and as such, it lies inside our own bodies too.

Part II: The spring

Blessed are the patient and the wise. The soil looks empty and clear, but something wonderful is happening inside. And in this fertile soil of Malvasia, may the seeds break, may the water penetrate their hard exterior, join the interior, may the seeds become one with their mother, earth. The mother is aware of her holy task: To break the seed and let the flower inside bloom. Because the seed is not born to remain a seed.

The time has come, the winter has gone. And even if mother earth appears dormant, she is not. May the citizens of this fortress allow their seeds to die, allow the time for the mother to bear and create. May they forget the past, because the past is in the seed. May they live the present, may they look at this soil and say: The time has come and the earth shall flourish. May we spread the seeds and then only wait. Because the earth is a female. And as a female she lives in cycles. As much as we wanted her to feed us in the cold winter, that was not the time. But now the time is coming and looking over the empty fields we know that they won’t be empty for long.
Part III: The summer

Open your heart, look at the sun and fill your lungs with the breeze of the fresh air. Enjoy the chanting of the nature, look at the beauty of the flowers. Everything is now at your favor, the birds are singing for you. Let wisdom guide your path. The summer is a season and as such it shall not last forever. Under the sun, nothing is to be left for tomorrow, since tomorrow, clouds might cover the sun. Enjoy.

May the citizens of this fortress understand that this is not the time to strive. May they take off their uniforms, leave their horses in the stable, tie their boats on the docks. There are enough vegetables in the baskets, there is enough fish in the ponds, there is enough wine in the jars. May they understand that it is time to enjoy what is already there. May they understand that what is there is enough. May the Force free the people from greed. And may you enjoy the summer, knowing, that the summer too will seize and the energy that it brings will be needed for the rest of the year.

Part IV: The autumn

Look around and contemplate. It is rainy and humid, but the earth is thirsty for this water. The leaves are leaving the trees, it is their time to go, but look at their fascinating colors! Everything is silent, as if the birds have gone, the butterflies have fallen, the cicadas have fled underground. Even the sun is hidden behind the clouds.

May you find tranquility in this silence. May you look back to the summer and contemplate it, free your boldest feelings. In the silence comes the sorrow and deep inside it, the love. And love is really contradictive. As are all your feelings, as is the nature, as are the leaves on the trees, ready for their last trip, wearing their most cheerful costume. In this beautiful, silent time of the year, the summer is drifting away and the winter prepares to come.

May the Force be with you in this contradicting silence. May you accept that the summer is over, that the winter is coming and that the only way to the summer is again through the winter and the spring, the earth can’t go backwards, neither can you. May you let these feelings penetrate you, contradict you, may you remain still and understand that the winter has to come too and that one day, along with the autumn, your bold feelings will be gone too.

Part V: The winter

May the citizens of this fortress endure the cold of the winter, be patient, have faith. May they have prepared the wood to be burned, may they use wisely their supplies. Because wisdom lies in the knowledge that the winter too will seize and the supplies need to be used, for, they are useless in the spring.

May you know that the winter too is necessary, for, those who have never seen it are unable to contemplate the warmth of the sun. May you know that this is not the time to plant your seeds, for, the soil is not yet ready to receive them. The earth will not appreciate your seeds, she is a female and she is not always fertile. Don’t mislead yourself believing that the earth is sterile or the seeds are void. In the right timing, she is the divine, the mother, she can nurture your seeds and you can watch her transforming them to trees. May you endure and keep your seeds safe for the spring. May you be patient.

Part VI: The next years

Every end is a beginning and really, there is no beginning without an end. And every story is a journey, a journey of journeys, a labyrinth of rooms, a river that is heading towards the sea. The river is not ending at a lake, the river is ending only at its final destination, the sea. And through the ending a new beginning is born and in front of me the empty fields are once again full of seeds and in my patient mind, I can even see the flowers.